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The current outbreak of COVID-19 has not only put great pressure on healthcare facilities around the globe, it has brought with it a great deal of uncertainty for consumers and businesses alike. The biggest challenge we face in the coming days and weeks is containing the spread of the virus and while we try our best to do just that, providing a safe environment for customers, clients and staff is a top priority for all.

Sanitizing with Ozone is a practice commonly used throughout several industries globally including healthcare facilities, the hospitality sector, eldercare and more. Using Sanity System to sanitize your facility not only controls the spread of viruses such as COVID-19, it gives your clients, customers and staff peace of mind that professional sanitization is part of your daily cleaning routine.

The System

The Process



Oxygen goes into the generator



It is transformed into ozone with an electrical discharge



Now it's ready for action



It removes bacteria and virus thanks to its oxidative properties



The air of the room becomes healthy and clean

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